August 24, 2011

"Vintage Lady..."

Hello everyone!
As I was happily blog hopping along today I ran across a really wonderful site for downloadables.  Yep, I know there are several out there but this one has some really unique vintage prints that I absolutely loved!  You can jump, hop or slide over to and see all the great things they offer.  

This pretty lady was a freebie and I was totally mesmerized by her sweetness.  What is she daydreaming about I wonder?  A lost love? An idea to knit something?  Whatever it might be I know what I'm doing with this print!  Jumping over to and making it my profile pic.

Yes, that's me in a nutshell....Well, to be honest I don't exactly look a lot like this lovely lady but I sure do "feel" a lot like her.  Quiet, serene, peaceful...hmmmmmm....I'm pretty sure that's not exactly my personality either....oh well -

Happy dreaming everyone!

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