December 29, 2012

"Ring in the New Year..."

It's always been an American tradition to portray a cute, chubby baby to represent ringing in the New Year.  I recently ran across this little gem from 1916 and thought it was so appropriate for U Knit Me!

Of course ringing in the New Year has always been a time to make resolutions, dream new dreams and focus on making changes.  A majority of which never happen and we do it all over again the next year!  I think I started a cardigan last year with the intention of finishing it within a few weeks...sadly it is still on the needles and hasn't been touched for...well, I can't really remember.  Thankfully I was able to finish a number of other items along with my daughter though. So many that to put them all into one collage would take way too much time!

 So, I picked some of my favorites from 2012..
So I will close out this year with dreams of new creations to start for 2013!  I think I have enough yarn to get me straight through to...2099!
Happy New Year to everyone and may the next year bring many new projects and joy to your life.

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Anna said...

Happy New Year !