December 27, 2012

"Apres Christmas...."

I will be totally honest.  Christmas can be a challenge.  So many things to do and make and not nearly enough time to do it all!  By the time Christmas day rolls around I am usually so tired and out of my routine that my mind is both blurry as well as overstimulated.  Yikes, somebody slow it all down!

My fondest Christmas memories growing up were late Christmas afternoon.  We opened gifts on Christmas Eve so Christmas day was a lazy, sleep in, relaxing kind of day.  I remember nibbling on the sweet pickles and ham left over from the prior nights feast and feeling so warm and content.  I always had a new project to look at, start or think about.  New gifts were neatly displayed under the tree for all to see.  Yes, gifts were never actually tucked away for about a week. Yes, fond memories of lazy Christmas days past extend over into my adulthood today. 

We were blessed to have our son and his family come visit for Christmas this year.  Needless to say, with two granddaughters, Emma 2.5 and Mia 6 months, there was a whole lotta Disney going on!

Even with all the activities I still found time to whip up some coordinating hats for the girls...

                                   My little Mia was more than happy to model hers!

Here we are ~The family in Red/Black! 

My 19 year old daughter, Tricia on my left, owns and operates her own Etsy shop which I help out quite a bit making hats and weaving in ends... UGH!  Come visit her shop one day at  Mention this blog and use Seashorekidz10 for 10% off any item.

So I'm gonna snuggle back down into my big overstuffed chair that is my "space" for everything now.  Days after Christmas are for planning ahead, dreaming up new projects, running outdoors when the temp says stay inside and loving life to the max...

Wishing all my followers a blessed "Apres" Christmas and a wonderful New Year!  

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