August 22, 2011

"Pretty in Pink..."

There must be at least a million shades of pink in the world...and I'm loving each and every one of them!  Sooooo, here is a bit more "pinkness" that I've been up to lately....

A few crafty tidbits you might enjoy... 

1) Top left - Dollar Store roses...8 in a bunch for $1!! 

2)  Top right - White organdy wired ribbon makes a perfect bow every time!

3)  Bottom left - Satin covered baby hanger - free at Babies R Us...would you believe someone did not want it with the outfit when I found it laying on the floor!!! (yes, I asked and yes they gave it to me free).

4)  Bottom right - headband is made from a white knee high stocking (cut toe and top off and sew in a circle) cost less than $0.17!  Great for a newborns tiny head and sooo soft too!

Hope everyone is having a great day, night or afternoon depending on the time of day you're reading this!  I'm off to my favorite chair for a bit of knitting on the almost completed "Madison's" cardi.  

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