August 15, 2011

"Better than Chocolate..."

What can possibly be better than chocolate?!!

 Anyway, few things barely even come close in my book except for this one....the countdown begins for the opening of "Stitches Midwest" event next week.  Yippee...happy dance...high five..hubba hubba!!! (OK, I'm calm again...).

If you've never been to one and you're a knitter, spinner, crocheter...well you must be living in a cave somewhere with no I phone or the internet - is that even possible? This is the biggest, the best, the most awesomist (!) knitting event known to man...well, probably more women than men anyway...except for a number of men wandering aimlessly in the lobby at the convention center hotel looking at their GPS gadget for the nearest hardware store. 

You can get all the details here and trust me -  you DON'T want to miss it if possible.

Hope to see you there...I will be the one with the box of chocolate Junior Mints in one hand and some yarn stash in the other!  Now that is SWEET!

Before I go - progress on Madison's sweater!  Almost done...and no that is NOT Madison but my faithful knitting pal Lady!


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