September 8, 2011

"Too Cute...."

I couldn't wait to write up a quick post for this little hat from over at "The Dainty Daisy.  What a quick and cute crochet it was too.  You can get the pattern free by going here.  

While you're visiting, be sure to read up on the project Betsy has initiated called Rosie's Cozies. I so encourage anyone who has the time to pick up a hook and grab some yarn to make one or two.  My daughter and I have donated many preemie hats in the past and this project re-inspired me to hook a few and send them off.  Check out this stack of hats...a small sample of what has been received so far!

                             Thanks Betsy for your heart for God and His tiny babies!

                          Back to the hat...even cuter was my model Bethany!

 I have to admit after just one look at her ...well you just want to give her a big squeezy hug! A huge "Thank You" to her Mommy and Daddy for letting me borrow their sweetie!

Which reminds me to very witty and underpaid Creative Assistant (actually she gets paid nothing at all unless you count a lot of love and 24/7 prayer as a salary) said, "Carol, the outfit looks really cute but even cuter with a baby inside it".  Yes, I have to agree 100% .  Cindy, remind me to give you a bonus...20% of $0 is...never mind.  I am so thankful for your support and encouragement.

OK, back to the real reason for this post...the hat.  As far as specifics go I used an H hook and worsted weight yarn, Bamboo Ewe.  It's a super soft blend of 55% Viscose from Bamboo (huh? - don't have a clue what that is!) and 45% wool.  I opted for an organdy bow as it was much faster and just as cute - or was it the model who made it so cute?!

I have to admit I'm a bit excited with the cooler weather we've been many hats, mittens, sweaters and scarfs to knit/crochet and actually be able to use them!!  As my Dad used to say...I need to get my "kniddle needles" movin...   


From Scratch said...

Such a cute hat! Thanks for sharing.

Love your blog, too. Psalm 103 is one of my favorites. Especially, "all your works are wonderful!"


Laura said...

You are truly gifted Carol! :) Thank you for letting us be part of what God is doing through you! :)

Carol said...

Thank you ladies for your sweet comments! It's because of our Savior that we can find joy in everything our life!