April 4, 2012

"Sock Monkey Happy...."

I'm sure all of you have experienced this...start to make something and then just don't quite finish it, stitch all the pieces together or set it down and suddenly it disappears!

I made this little guy ages ago...

Well, last September would probably be a bit more accurate. He sat around with pins holding his ears on, the mouth not attached and the button eyes glued on, but not stitched.  Poor little sock monkey hat....nobody to wear him....until today!  I had no plans to finish him until I had lunch with a friend and she mentioned her brother is having a baby any day (actually his wife, but you know what I mean!).  I mentioned making a little hat and something about a monkey and she told me that would be so neat because her brothers first toy had been a stuffed monkey.

Out came little sock monkey hat and the pinned and glued pieces were all stitched to him as needed, mouth firmly attached and eyes stitched tight.  He has a new home soon!  I'm so totally happy I had that little forgotten hat laying around all made (mostly!) so I can give it as a gift to my friend tomorrow.  (She will think I am soooo talented to make such a cute hat in one evening...but we won't tell her, ok?)

You can find this pattern over here on Ravelry.

Bye, Mr. Sock Monkey hat...baby Leo is going to be wearing you soon! Hmmm...maybe I could whip up a little lion hat??!!


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