April 1, 2012

"Little Hat, Little Book, Little Time..."

Did Spring happen overnight???  In my neck of the woods, typically March is a dreary, bleak, gray and dismal month.  It's like the words blah and March go hand in hand every year.  I normally dislike it imensely...but wow, this year something really happened out of the norm! 

                                                             We got SPRING!


I've been so intent on being outdoors running and even mowing my lawn in March (unheard of in the Windy City)...that my time to spend knitting, crocheting has taken a tiny backseat.  I did pull out an hour or so last night (mind you it was 1:00am) to make this little hat for my granddaughter's Bitty Baby for Easter. 

                                                              Kinda cute I think.... 


Earlier in the evening we spent some time eating and browsing at Cracker Barrel.  I enjoy all the seasonal items they have (even if some are a bit on the cheesy side).  It's a fun place to eat food that's as close to homecooked as you'll find outside your own kitchen.  Since I seldom cook that means Cracker Barrel is always good for my fam.

As I roamed after they ate (remember, I'm a health and fitness freak) I spied this adorable little book...and it was looovvvvveeee at first sight!


Not sure if it was the cover picture (yes, the hat kept calling to me....) or that it's a beautiful book of incredible baby pictures with prayers and scripture...(yes that was the clincher!).  OK, but how do I validate actually purchasing such a book?  I don't have a baby, the hat on the cover was not an actual pattern (hmmm, I can work on that) and the cost was a tad more than I could easily justify at the moment.  But wait...I have a granddaughter, another one on the way...YES!

                                                        But I walked out without it....

....then prayerfully sitting in the car as my hubby pulled away from that magical book...well, I cried out "I wish I had bought that book!"  "What book?"  "That cute baby book". (conversation in the front seat of the car).  In my husband's gentle and understanding manner...the car pulled back up to the entrance and the words "Can you just buy the book and leave quickly?" were heard.  YES!! 

My plan...inspect this picture until I can duplicate something similar with my hands. How sweet it is (or maybe it's the actually the baby inside the hat?).

                         Have a beautiful day...and my the "Son" shine in your life!


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