August 29, 2011


I just opened up a recent email update from and as I was browsing the site I thought I would share a really cute, cute, cute purse.  The pattern is a free pdf download they offer along with loads more so go HERE for a peek.

I know it falls more in the Spring/Summer catagory for accessories (anyone ever hear of a Winter mermaid!?) but I can easily envision some Fall colors - rust, cream and deep green...cream, taupe and chocolate brown, teal, deep pink and black...oh, I could go on forever..!

Enjoy their blog as well as their website.  It's a really fun place for knitters and crocheters!

Before I go...I'll throw in a plug for my Etsy shop which is now open. UKnitMe.Etsy.Com.  I'm just getting started and have loads to add.  If anyone who pops over from my blog wants to purchase anything just write "Carol's Blog 10%" in the comments section and I will take that off the purchase price. You can do that easily by hitting the link on the right hand side showing some of the items I am offering. 

Any traffic my blogger buds could share with new Mommies, newbie Grandma's or anyone who has a need for something dainty and girly, please pass on my shop info to them.  They are also eligible for the discount!

Happy new week to everyone.... 

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Anonymous said...

Hello Carol!
You've got a beautiful blog too :) I'm gonna add it to my reader list:) Thank you for your visit!