November 9, 2012

"More Glam...."

Yes, I'm on a bit of a headband obsession.  Not sure how many people out there would agree with me on this...I can't sit and do anything that takes a long time.  I need some pretty fast and immediate gratification.  Needless to say, I DON'T make afghans. That's not to say I haven't started many in my life.  They just seem to loose their appeal about row 50 because I have 250 more rows to go! 
That need for something speedy is perfect with these headbands.
Same headband from earlier post here but this time it comes to life with a pretty lady wearing it and some awesome images by JD Designs & Photography. Many thanks to my friend Sophia for modeling this and the Glam headband a few days ago. Honestly, I could make a dozen of these things and not get bored, that's how fun they are to make.   
 Looks great coming and going.....
Recap on the specs for this one ~ Vanna Mustard and Vanna Heather Gray.  I dropped a hook size from the pattern down to an I to make sure it was really tight and even all over. 
I think it looks fabulous!

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