June 2, 2012

"Summer Baby Blanket...."

Here's a fun way to giftwrap a "Summer" baby blanket. <3 

A simple sandpail from the dollar store is all you need.  Add a big ribbon and tie a pacifier onto the shovel and it's ready to go! 

A really cool retro metal sandpail like this would be a neat vintage container also!  Matching the colors to the pail would be another fun option.

Summer Baby Blanket is made from Bernat Cotton Tots stash we had (believe discontinued) of a white with flecks of yellow, seafoam green throughout.  Shell stitch trim is Sunshine Cotton Tots with picot edging of white to trim it out.  Size (24 x 24 inches) is just right for a newborn nap in the shade or inside with chilly air conditioning.  I'll write up the pattern soon if anyone is interested.

I'm moving onto a whole new type of fiber project for a bit...here's a peek... (don't you just love the names...picnic basket, straw, baked apple!)


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Anna said...

Lovely !
The old toys too...
Have a nice week.