June 2, 2012

"And the Winner is...."

And the winner of little Hootie Cutie is....Corinna!! 

Hootie just about fell off his little branch he is so excited!

Thank you to everyone who sent a lovely comment.  My blog is super tiny in comparison to the "rock star" variety out there that many of us follow...but it is my own little place to share things with special friends who stop by...and that is my real joy!

But I must confess...my technical skills can be challenged with computers at times...so for the drawing of Hootie Cutie I had to resort to the "old fashioned" way.  Name, slip of paper, bucket, big hand (husband) picking the winning piece of paper.... 

It was such fun receiving all your comments and I will definitely be doing another giveaway very soon...

Hugs to all of you.  It's such a pleasure to share everything knitting and crocheting and more together!


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