April 22, 2012

"Little Sister's Cardi..."

OK, pondered and thought and searched through my stash (which is by far bigger than I dreamed it could ever be!!) and picked my next project.  This sweet little cardi for Granddaughter # 2 due in June.   

   Found this Sirdar book, "Jumping Jellybeans" at a Kentucky yarn shop last weekend. 
Isn't it just so incredibly cute!  I could not make up my mind between the pink or the lavendar Baby Bamboo by Sirdar.....so when a knitter is in serious doubt...we make the logical choice...we  buy both!

I am totally in love with this soft, snuggly DK weight yarn which is 80% bamboo and 20% wool.  Perfect for a soft and sweet little cardi like this one.  Hmmmm...maybe a matching one for big sister Emma? 

I've never worked with this particular yarn but can't wait to cast it on tonight and get started!  I'll post some progress pics because that always motivates me to keep working until completed. 

 Another new "too cute to pass up" book I just purchased is "cute clothes for kids" by Rob Merrett. 

                                                Now this is some serious cuteness!


If only there were 48 hours in very singe day just so my hands and my brain could keep up with all my projects and to-do projects....!  Is anyone else out there like me though....the dreaming and thinking stage is just as much fun as the creating part!


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