February 23, 2012

"Little Chi-hua-hua...."

Here's a teeny sneaky peeky at my daughter's "available soon" pattern she created.  Daisy is a sweet little Chihuahua about 8" high and 6" wide...just perfect for little arms to snuggle. (Point of interest -  we never knew how to really spell that until Tricia pointed out it's just Chi -Hua Hua!)  Whew, that's good cause you never know when you might need to spell that on the fly one day! :P

Little Daisy will have all kinds of fun accessories available and lot's of furry little friends too.  Her paws are soooooo big she just might tumble over them!  Watch for the pattern over on Ravelry soon.  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those feet are SO cute!!!! So is the dog.
Candee H