September 16, 2011

"Remedy For the Crafty Girl Blues......."

I need a dose of this...
Did you ever have a day {week, month...} when your project just isn't working for ya?  Everything you try to put together just doesn't look right or feel right.  Blah! It's like having a cup of coffee but you just can't seem to get the right blend of sugar/cream mixed in to get it just right....all mellow and smooth.

What do you do with a day like this...go crawl in bed until it passes, glare back at your project and have an "I'm not touching you" showdown {remember this is a non-breathing object no less}, or get in your car very quickly and go buy new yarn to start another, newer, happier that is all sparkly and fun? 

OK, so I am having one of those "I can't get it right Fridays"...I can blame it on the weather, my age or fill in the _______.  So what is a crafty girl to do when it hits...the crafty blues bug?  Funny how the song from South Pacific "I'm Gonna Wash That Project Right Outta My Hair" comes to mind......oh, wait...that's not right is it?

So when things just aren't doing a happy dance in your life or your project bag...let it go.  Clinging to bad projects, just like bad life situations, is useless.  I browsed a few of my fav blogs, checked out Pinterest for some inspiration and  put my focus in this...
This is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it". {Psalm 118:24}

Whew..He made the day and I will just rest in it and let my creativity take a nap.  In the meantime I accidently {?} bumped into this lovely blog...and it just made me feeeeel so smiley inside.

Did I mention I bought this really cute little pattern from her Etsy shop?  Yep, a new little bouncy feeling is starting to take shape...}...

****OK, I got my crafty act together and I believe made my prettiest necklace yet this afternoon.  Here it is...!  I loved it so much I thought about buying it at my Etsy shop...but what would I charge myself for shipping!
 I might just have to make a duplicate and keep one for me... :-)

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Lorena (sonido retro UK) said...

Hola, your blog is adorable. I really like the pictures and the colours.