September 14, 2011

"These Take The Cake.."Cupcake" that is...."

I couldn't resist posting these adoreable cupcakes.  What a win/win...I love to knit and I love to eat cupcakes.  Well, truth be told, anyone who knows me very well would say I eat the "top" off the cupcake and give the rest to my dog!  My theory is if you only eat part of something that is not remotely healthy, the calories and fat don't actually apply since not actually eating the "entire thing".

OK, I understand that is a very flawed theory to eat by so therefore I run several times a week just to be sure.  Be prepared for a super "sugar high" at the over the top cuteness at this blog though... Sugar & Merinque.

For some reason I feel the need to go put these on after just looking at all the treats!



From Scratch said...

I like your theory on eating only part of unhealthy foods. :)

Following your blog!

Emily said...

Thank you!