September 18, 2011

"Excuse the Pink Dust...."

Yes, I am at it again...change, mix, adjust...
In my attempts to better tie everything together I had to make more adjustments...will it ever end?  {I hope not!}.
I want soft, gentle, girly...and just a touch of whimsy...

Which has me wondering..what makes an item you just created have that bit of "magic" to it?  You know what I mean..the minute you finish and take a good look at it and...yes, you just fall in love with everything...the color, the style, the look the instant you finish that last stitch. I wish I could always capture that essence easily...where do I get the magic sprinkle dust {pink please} to make everything go from MAGIC...??? 

In the middle of all my "pink dust"  I got a chance to work up something with the new Martha Stewart -Extra Soft Wool Blend. did feel soft and good. A sweet little headband was the result...and of course the color name was "Petal Pink".

Yes, I felt a bit of the "magic" with this!