September 5, 2011

"Going Around..."

Oh,  can somebody PLEASE tell me how working in the round is relaxing, enjoyable and fun!  Ugh...I am not a fan of double point needles but even more dreaded is when you work it down to six little stitches resting on 6.5mm needles! (that's 10.5 US size).  So let's stop and assess for a moment...I can drive a car at rush hour, gave birth to two children, roast a turkey (well, only at Thanksgiving), run 5 or more miles then immediately mow the lawn - all while surviving (yes survive) the love life of a teenage girl...none of those seem to compare to the six little stitches staring at me...or are they actually glaring at me?

Yes...I can do this...I think I can, I know I can!  I figured out how to move the stitches down to two needles - 3 stitches each - then worked it with a third needle similiar to knitting an Icord or a bit like doing the magic loop method.  What a joy it is to work back and forth but still be going around...only a knitter would probably be able to even come close to understanding that statement!

But wait a's starting to look like something has could be, maybe...

I used Premier Yarns "Serenity Chunky Weight" in color  - Cotton Candy.  Yes, the name totally did it for me!

Need to go finish this cutie off now.You can find this adoreable pattern here on Etsy.  She has some incredibly cute patterns to purchase so take a look and even buy one or two!  Here's the designers finished product:

I will be sure to post a pic when I finish this...unfortunately minus the adoreable baby she has modeling.  I'm hoping to have a newborn model soon...around 11/11/11 (cool date!) - big thank you Mommy-to-be Cathy!  You get hats for life for your little guy or gal!

Getting chilly here now so this little cap might be just what a baby will need in November...I'm pretty sure the stork doesn't supply one when dropping them off...

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Completely Frogged said...

Such a cute hat...the key to knitting in the round without going around the bend is to use point protectors OR better yet, magic loop. I love magic loop...i'm sure you'll find it easier.