August 2, 2011

"For a Special Girl'"....


OK, I'm in the midst of oodles of  projects, Etsy items everywhere and some other life changes (don't you just love those!) and....would you believe God prompted me to add something new to my "To Do" list. 

Here goes...there is a very sweet and special little girl my heart wanted to knit another cardi for.  Her name is Madison and she lives in a warm, sunny place with a wonderful Mom and little brother Jayden, who is full of energy!!  (Well, Jayden I didn't think you would want a sweater - way to girlie - so I'll do something special for you too!)

Madison is my GREAT-niece and I just know she will look absolutely beautiful in this little cardi when I get it finished. (no worries Madison..I'm a really fast knitter so won't take too long!)

If you remember back several posts I talked about buttons and finding the perfect ones for a project.  I decided to buy the buttons first (which I did) then the yarn then decide on the project. I got all that together just for Madison...and purple is her fave purple it is!  It will look fab with the button too!

  I got started on it yesterday and wanted to share this newest project with everyone...
The yarn is by Caron here  and called Country.  I picked the Deep Purple shade and WOW is it soft and a sweet summer plum.  Since Madison lives where the sun is always shining it had to be something comfy in the heat...and cool...
 because when you're a pretty young lady being "cool" is very important! 
It will look like this cardi I finished last month.

Madison, I hope that when I get this done in the next few weeks you will send me a pic modeling it so I can post another beautiful picture of you!

Gotta run...way too many projects and NEVER enough time! 

Have a blessed and glorious day wherever you are today!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I love the Cardi you are knitting
for Madison. It is such a darling
pattern. I know she will be very
happy and proud to wear it.
Also love the color !
Caron yarn is a wonderful choice.
Always very predictable as to the
outcome of the project when using
this yarn.
What a beautiful project, and a wonderful blog.
Bless you always for your generousity and lovely handiwork.