July 30, 2011

"In the Beginning"....

Hello everyone out in Blog land!  I hope it's a beautiful and sunshiny day in your place of the world...that always boggles my mind!  Isn't it amazing that with a simple flip of the switch (uhh...that would be turn on computer actually) we can connect with people in other parts of the world!  It's actually snowing there and hot, hot, hot here! 

Sorry, I digressed there for a moment.  OK, on to yarn talk now....first I ran across this adorable pattern at Ravelry today and just LOVE it!  How sweet are those colors and the flower...yes, I will need to search in my yarn stash to see if I already have this yarn and get one started.  And check out that flower and the booties.  Crazy to read that at the end of all the rows for the flower you will have almost 200 (yes, two-hundred!!) stitches on the needle.   

I'm not a huge fan of making anything on double points but when something is this cute...well, I'll suffer through the process.  Fortunately, a few years ago I found very small circular needles at Hobby Lobby that I think are now discontinued.  I believe they were made by Boye and they have this great little curve to the needle section that makes it so much easier working up anything that is in the round and "petite".  I hope I can find the right size somewhere in one of my many WIP bags and get one of these cuties started soon!

You're probably wondering why my post title is "In the Beginning" though.  I've finally started to get everything a bit organized for my soon to open Etsy.com store. It will be a mix of crochet, knit and tiny clothes for babies. Some might even be a mix and match where you can pick the hat and hand dyed clothing to create a truly unique baby gift. My vision is to keep them simple and sweet - just like newborn baby!  They would be a perfect "bringing home from the hospital" outfit or for that brand new baby portrait!  Here are a few sneaky peeks of the hand dying I've been up to.
 Who would ever guess that any shade of pink is my "to dye for" color!  And...YES, I do plan on getting some tiny blue items in there also! 
 Have a lovely weekend and hope you have more love and joy than you can imagine!


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