August 7, 2011

"Moving Forward"....

What a beautiful day it was today! Happy "87" Birthday Mom!  She taught me to knit when I was about  9 and I have loved it ever since!  I took to it so fast that I turned the tables and was actually trying to teach her how to crochet when I was 10!  Somehow it never clicked with my Mom and only one lone needle in her hand (with a hook at the end no less!)....I have to say it is hard to wrap your head (or should I say wrap your yarn) around it when just learning!

I am so thankful that my Mom taught me to always have something in progress...a good book and a craft/knit item.  In this day and age of constant texting, cell phones and computer (yes, I am guilty of using all three to the max) the art of sitting quietly and just losing one's self in a beautiful project or a good book is slowly disappearing.  I love the quiet times I have reflecting & creating....reminds me that scripture says ~ Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10~.

It was a good day for moving forward...made some more progress on Madison's cardi...see it peeking out of my bag?!

For those who follow Lucy and her fantastic blog Attic 24 ~yes that is my own Lucy Bag crocheted last year!  Go here for complete directions and step by step pictures. 

 And now...a very tiny drum roll for the completed prototype for my Etsy shop....

It's pink, sweet, fluffy, vintage, chic and named "TuTu Much".  Oh, how I loved making it!  I'll have this and others available soon...and for those creative mom's out there who just have to do it themselves (finger points to me) I will be creating a PDF with all the directions from start to finish with pictures and full details.

Here's the little sister for "TuTu Much" named "Vintage Bebe"...all warm and sweet in Ecru and creams...

Next in line you ask...tiny knit/crochet hats for tiny heads....and tiny purses for tiny hands.

Yes, "moving forward" is a good, good thing...I'm excited to finally be a stay at home mom to my....cough, cough....17 year old daughter.  Most SAHM's have toddlers, infants...not me.  A recent change in my career means I can now be home for Tricia - a Senior in High School!  I'm looking forward to some downtime leisurely drinking my coffee in the morning while reading my fav blogs and filling my hands with something soft and sweet.

I'll close with a cute phrase my pastor once said -  I might stumble and fall, but as long as I'm falling forward I'm making progress! 


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