July 21, 2011

Short but Sweet...and HOT!

Oh my...it is HOT out there today!  It makes me question why am I knitting/crocheting in this heat?  I guess only a true blue, die hard knitter/crocheter can fully understand that concept....outdoor temps have no bearing on our desire to knit a really cute hat or a pair of mittens.

I guess that same philosophy goes along with a great pair of shoes...does it really matter how comfortable they are if they make you feel fantastic while wearing them?!  Hmmmm...yes, I do have to admit I have a few pair of those shoes in my closet!

Big Happy Birthday to my granddaughter Emma...she is one today!!  Happy Birthday sweetie!

Here goes for this "short but sweet" post.  Finished this crocheted hat and WOW -  it turned out so pretty.  It just screams "Vintage" in the yarn color and the satin fabric rosette flower.  You can find the pattern "FREE" at  The Dainty Daisy . Thank you Betsy for such a sweet hat pattern.

On the hook now - a change in mood with this bright turquoise cotton "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby.  "Gracie Hat" pattern is from "The Fuzzy Noggin"over at Etsy.com here.  Must be the crazy heat that inspired me to make this bright and totally Summer hat! 

Happy Creating out there...stay "cool" and don't forget "it's ok to knit mittens in July"!

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pattas said...

Hello I have come across from icrochet..
happy 1st Birthday Emma :))
Lovely crochet hat and flower, beautiful colour :))