July 18, 2011

"New Vintage Girl"....

Happy Monday!

I commented yesterday about starting an organic yarn vintage style baby hat.  Well, I couldn't  wait any longer to get one started!!  Here's a quick snapshot of all the elements I'm pulling together to create and capture what started out in my mind and is now moving over to my hook.

Isn't the vintage girl tag adorable!  The minute I saw it I knew it just had to adorn some of the things I'm working on.  I rubbed some dark brown ink along the edges to give it that "vintage feel" and the U Knit Me tag was printed on...believe it or not...a brown paper bag.  I think it's so unique that I have to "work" to make something new have an old, worn look! But isn't that the joy of creating what starts in our heart and moves to our hands?  

This all reminds me of people in general...we're new each and every day...but we tend to have that old,worn feel at times.  Our hearts get heavy, or schedules get busy or we just forget how to enjoy the beautiful moments that God gives us every day.  Start to embrace your "old" but seek the "new" in your life! 

Happy knitting, happy crocheting and aspire to be a "New Vintage Girl" today....

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