July 24, 2011

Gotta Love This....

Good Morning out there!  Here in my tiny little spot in the world (see evolving pictures soon....) it has been raining "cats and dogs outside"!  Does anyone know where that rather silly phrase came from?

Here is a spot of cheery color and goodness to brighten the day....Isn't that a perfectly beautiful rose!  It so amazes me to see God's "signature" stamp!  What makes this flower exceptionally pretty is they walked through the door (well actually in the hands of my hubby who had no clue...) on a day that I had just survived - yes, I'll say it again...SURVIVED  a rather difficult 8 hours at the office.

  Awwwwww....these beauties made it all line up in perspective!

OK, now - working on my tiny little spot in the world to work, dream and be inspired.  I won't even show the "before" picture inside this armoire because it would probably make most of you type A's have a fit of anxiety. I decided that if I want to be serious about blogging and soon venturing into the Etsy market that I have to at least "look" like I know what I am doing. (I really don't but that has never stopped me in the past...).  So in the next few days I will share some pics of my "evolving" teensy place in the world that I dream in...

In the meantime here is fun pic that is "Woodstockish" as a WIP that my daughter, Tricia is working on.  Funny to watch her get all excited about tye-dye, bright colors and things she thinks are "new"...but wink wink...we know are just old things coming back to life! 

Have a happy and "bright" day wherever you are....!

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