July 12, 2011

All About the Button....

Hi there! 

As I wandered (oh, how beautiful is that - to just slowly and happily graze on a field of color and style) today I realized how much I love buttons.  I mean I REALLY love buttons! No, not the buttons on my cell phone.....the buttons we chose to put that final touch on our finished WIP's. They tell us so much about how we want our creation to look and they are the stamp for our unique personality.  Soft and cozy, art deco,glittery, trendy or just the round thingy to fit into the buttonhole and hold it together!  I will sometimes spend more time and effort looking for that one perfect button than I do making the entire project!

I recently found this lovely Etsy shop called Buttered Parsnips with some really cute buttons.  I think I will work backwards and purchase these buttons first and then find a project/yarn that shows them off. Maybe a bright yellow or purple cardigan for Emma?  My challenge to blog about will be to buy these and then find the perfect pattern and then the yarn.  I can keep you posted on the progress...

I love these "sewing" buttons at the same shop...maybe a cute black cardi for me!

Time to "button" up this post and get in some knitting before bed!  Next time I'll be sharing some new fabric rosettes I'm making to go with some really vintage style baby hats and time spent with my daughter as we create together. 

Happy Knitting....!  

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pattas said...

what is it about buttons we love so much..
Variety I suppose :))
I haven't come across the tape measure buttons, they are a must have :))