September 10, 2012

"Teensie Tiny Dancers...."

I made these incredibly teensie tiny, sweet and dainty little slippers over the weekend.  Just grabbed some stash of Malabrigo in this soft buttery yellow and improvised a pattern I already had...did a change here and there, added a flower....and ta dah!!

These little newborn ballet slippers are just perfect for tiny feet.  So many times I've made (or bought - eeekkk!) booties and they just look so HUGE when you put them on those tiny little tooties!  These turned out to be a perfect size - approximately 2.5 inches.

 I added a row of slip stich around the top edge so they will fit a bit more snuggly so as baby dances and wiggles they won't be lost!

                                                              One more peek......

  This pair and many to come are available over at the Etsy shop

                              Awwwwww...I am just totally in love with these!!

           Carol <3

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