July 3, 2012

"Happy Blogday to Me...."

Hard to believe one year has passed since I sat down and figured out how to get a blog up and running!  A lot has happened in my life and no doubt yours too! 

Good and difficult things combine together to create life. . . . . .

How about you out there...did the past year bring you joy and peace or trials and struggles?  Did you knit up a storm or barely finish anything?  Did you find the perfect pattern but still searching for the perfect yarn?

 Life, like knitting, is always a work in progress.  At times we have to unravel and start over completely or just backtrack to a skipped stitch.  The wrong side can look a mess while the right side can look beautiful. Such is life.

but in the end God alone
               can create beauty out of ashes. 
                                     He continues to be 
                                                                my light,
                                                                          my hope,
                                                                                 my trust
                                                                                           and my salvation.

                                                 Have a beautiful and glorious day!!


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Anna said...

Happy blog to you !