July 20, 2012

"Dog Days of Summer...."

I'm not sure about the weather in your neck of the woods, but my neck (literally) has been pretty darn hot.  OK, not hot - VERY hot!  In spite of the heat, there have been a few new things around  my house lately.

                    First, new dog entered our house/family a few days after losing Lady. 

                                                                       Meet Skylar....

Skylar is the polar opposite of my Lady.  She's a Siberian Husky - which translates to - bigger, jumps, full of energy, playful and has huge blue eyes.  Lady was - well a dainty lady!  She slept, slept some more and occasionally stretched her furry legs and looked for a snack.  She was a girlie dog...Skylar, well....is a crazy dog!

 She's a sled puller at heart and we're learning to run together which is no easy feat considering she stops dead in her tracks everytime she see's a person.  Any size, shape, age...doesn't matter.  Skylar wants to be their friend!  One drawback...she looks a tiny bit like a wolf...friends are not that easy to make when you look like you stepped out of  "Little Red Riding Hood".

In spite of the heat and the new dog, there's something new coming off the needle(s) at my house.

                                                                    Tricia's recipe -

Take some handmade buttons (cut from a branch found in the backyard and boyfriend kindly sliced and drilled) -   

    Add some Sheepish yarn by Caron (doubled) and this Oodles 4 Noodles free pattern -

                                               and you get these very cute chunky newborn hats.

These are going to "Laughing Boys Studio" for some newborn shots next week.  If you get a chance, stop by and "like" her studio on Facebook.  I'll be sure to post a few pics because a baby hat just isn't quite the same without a baby inside it!

Lastly, I've also been able to get in some great running time this summer in spite of the intense heat.  Logging at least 20 miles a week in addition to strength training and biking.  Loving my Asics Gel Neo33 runners which are bright orange and cobalt blue!  It's so unique that on one hand I love anything pink and frilly...and on the other hand I love a good sweat and some dirt under my feet.

What about any of you out there?  Are there any other crazy knitting/running fans other than me?  If yes, please drop me a comment and share your running tips and stories. 
                     For now, try to stay cool...hoping everyone has a fabulously gloriousy day!

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