May 20, 2012

"Too Cute For Words..."

Seriously...can a baby ever be too cute??!  NEVER!

                                      No way......!!  I have a sock monkey on my head?

 And a few other "Babes" I've created for...Posh Shots Photography, my sweet granddaughter and adorable great-nephew.

                                 I think those baby blues are actually bigger than the button!

I need to get these off and take them to the spa......

What is that tickling my butt.........?!

Links to Sock Monkey hat and pom pom ball hat are here  and there.   Long pom hat is at this spot.   Button hat was something I made without a pattern...but any basic baby hat and chunky weight yarn would work.

.......don't forget to leave a commnet on my May 17 post if you want a chance to win the little hootie cutey I'm giving away to some lucky owlie lover.                                                                           

1 comment:

pattas said...

Beautiful babies :))