March 11, 2012

"Twinkle Twinkle...."

Is there anything sweeter than Winnie the Pooh?  I've always adored the gentle and beautiful spirit that Pooh has.  His sincere love for friends and Christopher Robin always tugs at my heart whenever I read one of the books.

I'm back to a bit of Pooh knitting today.  I know everyone who has a creative heart will totally understand the dilemma I had in picking out a gift for a work-friend baby shower this week.  I knew she was having a baby boy so a newborn hospital hat was a given...but what else?  I pondered, thought and puzzled for several days.  I didn't have much time and what little I did have was running short.  A trip to the store only frustrated me.  I always like to give a gift I have's just what I do and who I am in the gifty area. I was getting a bit weary and was about to buy - "horror" - a ready made blanket at Walmart - "cringe" - no less.  EEEeeeek!  Tricia saved the blustery day when she spotted the most perfect and amazing fleece tucked under about 50 other prints...Winne the Pooh, Tigger and piglet all dancing with fireflies and gazing at the stars!  PERFECT!  A run back to the baby aisle produced a stuffed Tigger and a rummage through my sewing room found a tag I bought on Etsy a few years back.  A tied fleecy blankie was the happy result along with the knit hat and squeezy Tigger. Awwwwww...I could just feel the love....

                 So without further a Winne the Pooh hat, blanket and lovey gift set!

                                             Baby gifts are just sooooo sweet and fun to do! 

Even though I am a pink lover at heart I really enjoyed knitting this little boy hat.  I used the same pattern as the KLove hat. Yarn was Bernat Satin for the pale blue and Caron Simply soft white on size 5 needles.  I'm not a huge fan of double points so knit this on straights and added the i-cord at the top when I got down to six stitches.
Until my next are my two favorite Winnie the Pooh quotes -

 If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.

There's a rumbly in my tumbly....   


Anna said...

muy bonito el gorrito,,seguro que le encantara y como tu dices,no hay mejor que regalo que echo por nuestras propias manos,besos!

anky said...

Wow the pics are awesome and adorable and your idea for gifting is perfect,As we all know gifts are adored by everyone so its good to take some advice before purchasing it.
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