March 22, 2012

Gotta love it...

What have we been up to?  Ohhhhh soooo very busy with all kinds of projects! 

Tricia finished this little guy recently as a gift for a "Despicable Me" fan.  I have to admit he is pretty darn that one eyed, crooked smile kinda way!  The free pattern is over here

I got the amigurumi bug - no, it is not fatal but a good dose of color, cuteness and crochet will help ease the symptoms considerably - and have something in the works right now...just a peek though. 

Try to guess what I'm making!  Noooooo, it is not a brown and green Easter egg! 

Oh, I can't wait to finish this up and take some pics!  I usually leave the amigurumi projects for Tricia to make...she's the expert in that area.  But when I saw this was love at first sight!

Come back in a few days and the finished item will be up for viewing...

(Here's a little's been a "hoot' to work on!  Whoooo said that!!) 



Anna said...

muy bonito el muñeco! ya me pasare haber que es lo otro,me has dejado intigrada,besos!

n-Ansii said...

omg!! Minions!! are great!! <3