March 1, 2012

"Headband for Emma...."

No sew DIY!  It's not a hand knit item...but is made from knit fabric so qualifies quite nicely to be featured at U Knit Me!  My adoreable granddaughter Emma was happy to model her new girlie headband!

This is a great present for a quick shower gift or for a special outfit that needs that little bit of "girlyness" added to it.  It's not limited to a baby but can be for Toddler, child and even Mom so everyone can have a matching one.

Let's get started!!

Here is what you will need:

  • 1 pair microfibre stretch tights in color of your choice, largest size possible (I get mine at Target size 12-14 girls 1.99)
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Heavy duty thread, color to match
1.  Cut the tights into two leg pieces by cutting at the spot closest to the crotch seam.. Cut the toe off one or both legs (you will have enough to make two headbands, one from each leg)

3.  Baby and Toddler sizes are both the same measurement since this is very very stretchy and can fit a newborn up to toddler easily.  To give it a bit more stretch simply give it a good pull from both ends prior to step 4.

4. Fold in half meeting the two edges evenly and measure about 1 1/2" from edge.

5. Pinch together at this spot and  take a length of  heavy duty thread approximately 20" long.  Leave a tail at the beginning and then wrap TIGHTLY around and around the pinched area.  Tie a secure knot with end and tail from the beginning.

7. Now gently stretch the headband and fuss with the cut edge by stretching and will naturally form a flower like shape.

And you are done! That's it! A cute and very inexpensive headband for a sweet girl to wear!

Have a wonderful day in the LORD and be blessed with His great love! 

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