November 19, 2011

"Christmas already...."

Hello!  OK, I have to admit I really, really dislike seeing Christmas decorations, trees and hearing jingle bells BEFORE Thanskgiving!  BUT when you are a crafter, knitter, crocheter...well Christmas gifts are always at the back, front and middle of our thoughts...even in July!

Sorry, this post totally goes against my "No Christmas until the Thanksgiving turkey has zipped into plastic baggies as leftovers" motto.  To counter that statement we knitters/crocheters do need some prep time for Christmas though!  Here goes....the cutest little stocking ever that you can download for  for free at Little Cotton Rabbits.  The direct link to the pattern is here.

The pattern has several different variations, all of which are super easy and knit on only two needles instead of dpn's or magic loop.  Trust me...once you make one you keep going back to make another one, then another, then another....kinda like potato chips...but much healthier!!

While you're visiting her incredible blog for this pattern make sure you take a peek at all her little knit bunnies, etc.They are truly amazing! 
                                                           And for my crochet peeps...

This cute little stocking is super fast and easy!   Just go here for the directions.  I added the ruffle at the top with the following:

In first sc at top edge *1 sc, 1 hdbl, 2 dbl,1 hdbl, 1 sc, slst in nect sc* then repeat from * to * around the entire top edge, finish off and weave in ends. :-)  So easy!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone...and remember that on Friday it is officially ok to pull out the tree, decorations and trimmings with the constant reminder that Christmas is about Jesus coming to earth to dwell with us, die for our sin and rise again as our Saviour!  Accept that gift of salvation and eternal life is yours forever! 

Be blessed!


Debora said...

Hello Carol,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting! I'm glad you did because I just love your blog. I'm a novice knitter, sort of a 'jack of all trades, master of none' kind of crafter. But you...well your stuff is just beautiful! I'll be visiting U Knit Me often!

Completely Frogged said...

I love these cute little stockings! They make me want to drop all my gift crochet and make them by the thousands. Have a wonderful thanksgiving day today and happy christmas crafting to come.

crocheted at home said...

Very cute!!!These all look great.

Unknown said...

I found your blog through your prayer shawl pattern on Ravelry. I'm hoping to make one or two for mothers who suffer infant loss at our local hospital. Your work is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love you crochet version of the Christmas stocking! What type of yarn did you use? The pastel colors are lovely.