August 10, 2011

"Moving Even More"....

Yes, new look and new colors!  Did you ever get a mix of something all in a add a pinch of this and pinch of stir it, mash it and spread it all around...only to find it turned into a lumpy brown blob!  Sometimes we add too much...!  I decided I wanted to change the "recipe" of my blog to be a bit less spicy and a lot more engaging.  Many thanks to

I wanted warmth with a pinch of color and a dash of vintage....stir it all up and it should look and feel like something good but expresses who I am in my heart.  So let me know your, no like, ideas?  I am up for any comments or emails so please send them my way.

Found a beauty of a cowl to start working on in the near future.

Alana at Never not Knitting keeps getting better and better!  What about the name - Cream and Sugar Cowl!

  Can I be completely honest (shhhh don't tell anyone) but I sometimes buy her patterns just for the artwork and layout on the directions!  They are the cutest thing ever...

You can find her pattern here..

Wishing everyone a "Blog-night" for now.  Looking at this pattern makes me want to make a cup of coffee for some reason...!

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